OurAuto Sponsors the 2016 Bosch Conference

OurAuto Sponsors the 2016 Bosch Conference

Automotive Industry Key Players Wowed by OurAuto Tech-Centre Demonstration

Author: webdesign/Sunday, July 3, 2016/Categories: News

On the 3rd of July, OurAuto proudly sponsored the 2016 Bosch conference and the OurAuto technical team provided an in depth demonstration of the Tech-Centre service and repair information solution to the Bosch team. Chief Commercial Officer of OurAuto, Paul El Deir attended the conference and met with many Bosch franchisee members.

"They love what we do, the feedback was fantastic. The Bosch group are always looking for new ways to advance the cause of their franchise group and we think Tech-Centre will do that for them. We have over 5,000 subscribers nationally and we're continually growing our base." Mr. El Deir said.