OurAuto Launches New Product Range to the Market

OurAuto Launches New Product Range to the Market

Adding SEO, Design and Video to our line of products

Author: webdesign/Saturday, July 2, 2016/Categories: News


OurAuto National Sales Manager, John Eaton, was asked by Automotive Magazine editor David Dowsey about the launch of new products and services from OurAuto.

"With the success of your existing OurAuto products, did you feel the time was right to launch new offerings?" Mr. Dowsey said.

"We've been working on these for some time. Feedback from the market suggested we could help our customers particularly with graphic design solutions, video production and digital marketing. So we hired the right people and built offerings that our customers were asking for. That's basically what OurAuto is, a customer focused organisation." Mr. Eaton said.